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Nitro Express Safaris - Mark Sullivan

Mark Sullivan – Professional Hunter

A Final Good-Bye

Nitrous Express Safaris

All DVDs just $19.95 each!
Books just $45 each!

It is with great pleasure that I announce the biggest sale Nitro Express Productions has ever offered. But before I do let me give you a little background you might enjoy.

As many of you know, the first movie I ever made was “Africa’s Black Death!” This great blood-on- your-shoes movie was filmed in 1990 and premiered at the 1991 Safari Club Convention in Las Vegas. It sold for the amazing price of $49.95 and was available only on VHS. But that didn’t stop folks from buying. What was then a small gathering of hunters I sold over 400 copies at that show. From that rather surprising beginning other movies soon followed. Each one unique and each one dedicated to hunting dangerous game the way I think it should be done. To date I have 14 fabulous movies and have authored and published two books; “Death and Double Rifles” and “Fear No Death”. One of my DVD titles, “In the face of Death” is completely “sold-out” and will not be reissued. Eventually that will happen to all my movies and books as once I sell out of my inventory that’s it. They will be gone and so will I. Yes, it’s all coming to an end.

So I have decided to slash prices across the board. Instead of $49.95 you can buy any movie you want for just $19.95 each. Yes, you heard right; buy one, buy two, buy them all…it doesn’t matter. They are just $19.95 each and this includes FREE SHIPPING anywhere within the Continental U.S.

And my books get the treatment too. Instead of $85 or $100 each you can buy them for just $45 each and this includes FREE shipping. And if I’m in town when your order crosses my desk I will personally and richly autograph each one.

But keep in mind, once my movies and books are gone – they’re gone. So my advice is…you better hurry while supplies last.

Nitro Express Safaris - Mark Sullivan

Mark Sullivan – Professional Hunter

So you ask, “Why am I doing this?” That’s a valid question and it deserves a proper answer. Well, I’m getting old and just like the dugga boys I hunt and the rogue bull hippo I track down and kill I’m looking to do other things.

For example, in addition to Tanzania I now offer Cape buffalo hunts in South Africa for just $12,500. Now that’s affordable. And in my opinion this is the finest buffalo hunt for the money in all of Africa. Look for details of this hunt somewhere on my website. You’ll be amazed at what you get for your money!

Then this year (2017) I applied for and got my apprentice guide license in Alaska where I am now guiding for brown bear and moose. This is a real kick-in-the-pants and if you’re one of those guys who needs one of these critters then give me a call. The hunting is fabulous and you know I’ll give you 100% of everything I’ve got.

Nitro Express Safaris - Mark Sullivan

But the big news is I’ve just acquired 55,000 acres in Sonora, Mexico for monster mule deer and Coues whitetail. If you have not hunted Sonora or even if you have, get ready to rumble! Sonora is beautiful, the people are wonderfully friendly, getting guns in and out of Mexico is simple and easy and bucks over 200 inches are alive and well just waiting for you to pull the trigger.

To put this into perspective, 55,000 acres is 86 square miles or in simple terms the property is 10 miles long by 8 1/2 miles wide. It is a fabulous place and I’m going to spend a lot of time there. Once again, please look somewhere on the website for the Sonora mule deer program. It’s affordable and you don’t have to draw for a permit.

So there you have it. Mark Sullivan is changing gears and is a man-on-a-mission. But before I go I want to thank all of you. That’s right, all of you for your support over all these years, buying my movies and books, giving them away as gifts, watching them so many times you wear them out and just supporting me every step of the way.

I owe my life to you. For without your support and friendship I would never have been able to live the life I have. Yes, I have risked my life so many times I cannot count trying to give you the blood-on-the-shoes footage you so wonderfully enjoy. And I should have died a hundred times trying, but I prevailed and for reasons I will never understand.

From the bottom of my heart “Thank You”. I will forever be in your debt.

With Best Regards forever,

Great Hunting & Best Wishes,

Professional Hunter

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