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Sonora, Mexico - Mark Sullivan

I’m about to introduce you to some of the most fantastic hunting on Earth ~ Mule deer hunting in Sonora, Mexico! And, of course, and not to be forgotten, the magnificent Coues Whitetail. Both species claim this region as their own as well they should.

As we speak I control 55,000 contiguous acres in some of the most genetically superior land in all of Sonora. To put this into perspective 55,000 acres is approximately 86 square miles or in terms everyone can understand an area 10 miles long by 8 1/2 miles wide. And it’s all yours if you hunt with me!


Now I’m a straight shooter. And I mean this in two ways. With a double rifle in my hands I seldom miss, but in telling the truth I’m also as straight as they get. For the record I have just acquired this land. Last January was the first time I ever hunted it but one thing I know is good land when I see it. And this is good land.

It is not so much the amount of land I control although this is a big chunk, but big bucks over 200 inches can only be killed on land that has the “genetics” to produce such a buck and someone like me who only takes a limited number of hunters allowing trophy bucks to grow to their full potential. It is all about game management, a year around feeding and watering program, eliminating predators, and doing the right thing by your deer. I can assure you all this and more is being done as we speak.

Here’s the package.

For $12,750 you get a six- day 1×1 hunt for trophy mule deer ($6,500 for Coues deer) all food and drinks, use of a proper hunting vehicle and guide, plus pickup and return to Hermosillo, Mexico where you fly in. Hermosillo is a 3 1/2 hour drive to camp. There is also a $250 charge for your firearm import and export license. At the conclusion of your hunt you will take your trophy horns and hide with you.

Sonora, Mexico - Mark SullivanAs many of you who have hunted Sonora before know, the usual practice is for outfitters to charge “extra” depending on how big your buck scores. I am not going to do that. If you shoot a buck over 200 inches, which is the holy grail of every mule deer hunter, you’re going to be greeted with plenty of smiles and handshakes. But you won’t be charged extra for it. So come on and join the fun.

Just so you know I am only taking 8 mule deer hunters this year. That figures out to be one deer every 7,000 acres. So you can see what I’m going for – big deer and very light hunting pressure. I welcome you to call or send me an email. I will be happy to explain the whole program and take your booking.

With Best Regards,
Mark Sullivan

email: deathby600@aol.com
Cell: 602-956-3551

Sonora, Mexico - Mark Sullivan
More great country. Eighty-six square miles is a lot of country. Bucks are continually roaming around looking for receptive does during the rut. The "rut" in Sonora runs from the end of December to the end of January. The hunting season begins November 15 and continues until February 10. November is a great time for a bow hunter wishing to sit for a big buck coming to water as the weather is hot and dry at that time of year. But big bucks can be seen at anytime and anyplace.
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